Prison and MiniGames Under Construction

The MiniGames and Prison servers are still under constriction but we hope to launch them soon. We are re working them with custom plugins and maps for truly a unique experience! Stay tuned for updates.

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Our Game Servers

  • image HubMobile The main entrance to Minecraft-Addicts. This is where you will join and be able to select which server you would like to play in.

  • image Survival Fancy a game of survival without all that Factions and what not getting in the way? Then join our survival server and the more you play the bigger the claim you can have.

  • image Creative Join our creative world and have your own massive 96x96 block protected zone to build cool things with creative and limited world edit.

  • image Skyblock Stuck, stranded and a tiny island. Complete challenges to get rewards and expand your island.

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